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Best Office Chairs for Tall People

As a tall person, you’ve had your fair share of awkward seating positions in an office chair. That’s because finding a proper office chair for a tall person is rather difficult, but not impossible. Apart from looking awkward, there are many health issues that can develop from being in this uncomfortable position every day.

Not only that, but productivity is closely linked to your awkward seating position. For many people, having neck and body support are crucial to keep them productive all day in an office. They also need to have a lot of legroom to keep their posture aligned and avoid back pain.

What Features to Consider in an Office Chair for Tall People

Two of the most essential factors in an office chair for tall people are seat height and depth. These two factors need to give you a proper comfort level, to avoid health issues in the long run. Here is what you should look for, when searching for an office chair for tall people:

Seat Height

The first and most obvious feature is the seat height. Most office chairs have height adjustment features to accommodate you. However, many of them have an inadequate height adjustment that makes your body posture look awkward and incorrect by putting pressure on your thighs and hips. So, ideally, your knees should be at a 90 degree angle and your feet properly touching the floor.

To make everything easier for you, here is a seat height chart to help you with your body height:

Maximum Seat Height (from floor to top of seat cushion)

Maximum User Height















Obviously, this is just a guideline because your height differs based on individual characteristics. However, it’s good to keep it as a reference guideline when you can’t test out an office chair.

Seat Depth

Tall people have longer femur bones that indicate a greater seat depth than usual. Usually, the recommended seat depth is 19 inches or more, but office chairs that come with adjustable depth features are even better.

Backrest Height and Seat Width

Apart from height and depth, there are two other factors that are important to discuss. The minimum seat width for a tall person should be 16 inches or more. However, if you’re both a tall and big person, an office chair with 19 inch seat width, or even greater gets the jobs done.

Next, the height of the backrest is important, but only when it includes a headrest. This usually depends on the shape of the headrest, though you want to align your spine or back of your head with the headrest. Also, make sure that the headrest is not fixed, so it’s adjustable.

After covering all these important factors, we have compiled a list of our best office chairs for tall people. These chairs come in a variety of designs, aesthetics, functions, and features, so there’s each for everyone.

Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

If you want to get an office chair that’s specifically designed for tall people, this Gabrylly’s high back mesh chair is just that. It includes ergonomic and adjustable features that are helpful for a tall person, up to 6’2’’.

Features: The ergonomic design of this chair provides supports in four different angles, covering your entire body. The armrests are adjustable up to 90 degrees with the touch of a button; the reclining feature allows tilting back from 90-120 degrees. What we like the most are its adjustable features such as the seat height, backrest, and headrest. In terms of its dimensions, the chair measures 20 inches in width and 19.3 inches in depth, making this a perfect chair for tall people.

Design: We must say that while the design is pretty straightforward, it does support each curve of your body. The mesh bash is specifically designed to help align your spine and it ventilates air at all times, so you don’t feel sweaty. Based your room or office, you can get the chair in a black or grey color, which look great in any interior.

What we like:

  • Specifically designed for taller people
  • Ergonomic design
  • Mesh back to regulate air and keep you dry
  • Provides proper neck support
  • Assembly is easy
  • Weight capacity is 280 lbs

What we don’t like:

  • The backrest has a tendency to tilt frequently because of its flexibility and this may be uncomfortable for some people

SUNNOW Ergonomic Office Chair

One of the reasons why the Sunnow takes place as one of our best office chairs for tall people is because several reviews have commented on how comfortable it is. Apart from this, the chair also comes with a tall backrest, which is always a bonus for tall users.

Features: First things first, the seat height of this chair is between 19.3 inches to 23 inches. The fact that is includes an equally tall backrest, ensures that your neck aligns with your cervical spine. In terms of its features, the Sunnow has a backrest that can tilt and recline up to 135 degrees, an adjustable lumbar support that moves in/out and up/down. Additionally, the neck rest is also wide enough to support your head and it’s also adjustable.

Design: The Sunnow is yet another ergonomic chair with a waterfall edge design that curves your entire body, allowing you to sit in a comfortable position for the whole day. The seat is extra comfortable because it includes 2.75 inches high density foam to support your thighs and lower body. Again, this is a mesh-style office chair, but it makes you stay cool all day, so it’s perfect for hot days. It only comes in an all-black color, matching any décor that you got going on.

What we like:

  • Extremely wide and adjustable neck rest
  • High quality construction
  • Adjustable armrests that go up/down and are padded
  • Extra padded seat for ultra comfort
  • Max capacity – 280 lbs
  • Has 1 year warranty

What we don’t like:

  • Some users think that the mesh seat is slightly stiff

XUER Ergonomic Office Chair

You can never go wrong with a XUER office chair and this one is one of their best chairs for tall people yet. It provides plenty of comfort, adjustable features, and a durable construction that supports taller people. What more can you ask for?

Features: First of, let’s talk size. The whole chair can be as tall as 62 inches if measured from top to bottom. It includes adjustable features such as the floor-seat height that ranges between 18.5 inches to 21.65 inches. The depth of the seat is also adjustable between 16.4 inches – 17.71 inches, while the width measures 19.9 inches. With these dimensions in mind, there’s no way that the XUER would not include 3D adjustable armrests and they feel super comfortable.

Design: If you want to relieve the pressure on the back of your legs, a waterfall edge design like the XUER provides just that. It has a dipped curved design which goes perfectly with the mesh fabric. These two factors improve the circulation on your legs and ventilate the air to keep you cool at all times. The backrest comes with a lumbar support that’s also adjustable between 99-119 degrees, allowing you to find the perfect position.

What we don’t like:

  • Full ergonomic features
  • Lumbar support to align your posture
  • Full mesh breathability
  • Comes in two colors: black and grey
  • Made of a solid base to ensure durability
  • The nylon casters roll smoothly in any floor

What we don’t like:

  • Users who like extra padding, may find this slightly uncomfortable

Bowery Fully Adjustable Management Office Chair

To spice things up a little, we have included this Bowery Management Office Chair that not only makes your office hours go by fast, but also looks cute in any area. This is a great option for tall users because it has an adjustable seat depth and height range, two of the most important factors.

Features: Speaking of dimensions, the chair has a maximum seat height of 22.5 inches and an adjustable seat depth that measure up to 20 inches when extended fully. What we like the most about its adjustable features are the reclining lock features which includes 4 locking angles and the 6-position adjustable height armrests which give you plenty of options.

Design: This one is designed to look gorgeous in any office area. What makes this special is the rubber elastomer backrest which hugs your back for long periods, while remaining breathable. The seat is made of poly-cotton foam which adds to that extra padding that everyone loves. If you want to add a pop of color in your office setting, you’ll be happy to hear that the Bowery comes in 6 different colors:

  • Black/Black
  • Green/Black
  • Magenta/Black
  • Red/Black
  • White/Black
  • White/Grey

What we like:

  • Cutting edge, modern design
  • Rubber elastomer backrest to support your back throughout the day
  • Adjustable seat depth
  • Available in 6 colors
  • 2 year warranty

What we don’t like:

  • Backrest height doesn’t fully support your head

The HON Company HON Wave Big and Tall Executive Mesh Office Chair

An office chair that checks all the boxes? Yes please! This HON Wave office chair is one of the best chairs for tall people because of the armrests which you can adjust to stay away or closer from your body. Apart from this, this chair is also designed to prevent lower back pain, but more on that in a second.

Features: This one has ergonomic adjustments that are convenient to use. Height is the most important factor is adjustable, along with the recline feature which help your body move with ease. You can swivel around your office because of the durable wheels that roll smoothly in any floor or you can just slide your chair under your desk.

Design: We mentioned how this HON Wave is designed to prevent lower back pain and that’s because of the breathable mesh fabric that circulates air and the mesh cushion that’s 2-layered to keep you extra comfy. The five-star resin base ensures a durable office chair that lasts for a long time, especially if you use it on daily-basis.

What we like:

  • Amazing seat cushioning
  • Convenient adjustment
  • Casters run smoothly
  • Enhanced armrests adjustment
  • Ergonomic features allow you to work more focused

What we don’t like:

  • Doesn’t have a mesh back
  • No warranty on this chair

Colamy Executive Office Chair

If we know anything about Starspace is that they are known for designing high quality tall office chairs. This executive office chair in specific is ideal for tall people who are fond of that comforting leather upholstery. It also comes with many useful features that you’ll see below.

Features: Since this is a tall chair, it works perfect for people 6’4’’ or below; the maximum seat height is 22.8 inches, while the backrest height is 26.4 inches, but it still provides more coverage than most mid back office chairs. This one has flip up arms, making the chair easier to store under the desk and for you to sit cross legged. One thing about the Starspace office chair is that it has a limited tilting mechanism as it reclines only 110 degrees.

Design: You can’t really go wrong with an executive office chair design that gives you a bed-like sitting experience. Many people prefer a thick padded seat over a mesh one because the soft bonded leather is much more comfortable. This model has comforting leather upholstery, designed to help with your sitting position and help prevent neck and lower back pain. Overall, it’s a very elegant and stylish office chair, made from the highest quality materials only.

What we like:

  • Ultra-comfortable executive chair
  • S-shape waterfall design helps with neck and lower back pain
  • It has a double padded seat cushion
  • Made from high-quality black bonded leather
  • Flip-up arms
  • Weight limit is 250 lbs

What we don’t like:

  • Armrests are not height adjustable
  • Backrest doesn’t provide too much coverage

Bowthy Big and Tall Office Chair

If you want an office chair that can accommodate tall and big users, then this Bowthy executive chair is worth checking out. This one checks all the boxes in terms of design and comfort, so it’s not your typical oversized chair.

Features: Let’s talk adjustable features first. This one has built-in adjustable lumbar support, along with a recessed backrest that allows for air ventilation. It also includes basic adjustability features such as tilt tension and lock, height adjustment, and 360-degree swivel casters for mobility. So, we can agree that that the Bowthy has generous seating proportions that provide comfort and support during long office hours.

Design: The combination of ergonomic design elements such as the thick headrest keeps your neck, head, and upper back supported at all times. It’s also built with a sturdy metal base that ensures durability, while the chair itself is made from PU leather and high resilience foam to keep your back in check. This is quite the statement piece for your big office space, especially since it comes in a black or brown color, both of which look sophisticated.

What we like:

  • Suitable for tall users up to 6’5’’
  • Thickly padded headrest
  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • Rocking range of 90-degrees up to 120-degrees
  • Weight capacity is 400 lbs
  • Easy to put together
  • 12 months warranty
  • Made from heavy duty parts

What we don’t like:

  • Armrests and headrest are not adjustable

Komene High Back Adjustable Headrest Computer Chair

People who spend majority of their time sitting in an office chair know that back issues are inevitable. But, this Komene High Back Chair is worth a second look because of its ergonomic design and features that help reduce lower back pain and provide significant support.

Features: Komene’s main focus is your body posture, so that you are comfortable and productive as you work. That’s why the chair has adjustable headrest and tension-adjustable mesh back that adapt to your body’s movements as you work, and ensure that you have all the needed support. According to the reviewers, users 5’1’’ up to 6’3’’ said that this chair was tall enough for them. Additionally, this comes with seat height adjustment, flip-up armrests, knee tilt and lock position at 90-degrees, and 360-degree swivel.

Design: The fact that this chair weighs around 35+ lbs clearly indicates that this isn’t some flimsy chair, but rather a durable one. It has superior back support that relieves lower back pressure while you’re working, especially since it’s made with strong ElastoMesh material that helps ventilate air. It has a straightforward design, but it looks nice and neat in any office setting because it doesn’t take up too much attention (in a good way).

What we like:

  • High-end design, but with a reasonable price
  • Fully adjustable headrest
  • Flip-up armrests
  • Mesh design for better airflow
  • Built-in 3D lumbar support and back support
  • Strong base and non-slip casters
  • Weight capacity is 300 lbs

What we don’t like:

  • Some reviewers have complained that the size of the chair is too narrow

HON Sadie Big and Tall Office Computer Chair

Finding one size fits all products are not easy, especially with office chairs. But, with this Sadie Big and Tall Computer Chair, this is now possible. This is ideal for places like offices or meeting rooms because it fits both tall and small people.

Features: When you have to sit down for a long time on the chair, your seating position must be right. In that case, the Sadie provides a stable lumbar support that’s also adjustable. It has a wide backrest and no headrest, to maximize comfort when you lean back. The arms are height- and tilt-adjustable, while the casters are durable and roll smoothly in hard floors as well.

Design: It’s no secret that this Sadie chair is made from premium-quality materials to ensure durability. And since office hours require you to sit down for a long time, an office chair with thick seat cushions would do the trick. Not only that, but the chair also has a black mesh back that stretches out and creates breathable support. On the other hand, the seat has a cushioned Black fabric that provides comfort all day long.

What we like:

  • Height-adjustable arm and tilt-tension knob
  • High-quality mesh on the back
  • Works for both men and women
  • Adjustable lumbar pillow for extra support
  • Clean and timeless design
  • Supports up to 400 lbs
  • 3 year warranty

What we don’t like:

  • It doesn’t include a headrest

Serta Big & Tall Executive Office Chair

What better way to end our list of the best office chairs for tall people than this luxurious and high-end Serta Faux Leather Executive Chair. This is quite literally a modern beauty piece because it has a delicate design and impressive features that make this an ideal office chair for tall and hefty people.

Features: You will absolutely love the height and width of the recliner because you can easily adjust the height of the reclining through the EX-reach control arm that’s under the chair. This one provides superb neck support, with an elevated headrest that’s ideal for taller users. This chair wouldn’t be complete without its multi-surface, dual-wheel designer casters that move around effortlessly.

Design: Even the grumpiest people can fall in love with this Serta office chair because of its outstanding look and comfortable seating experience. This chair is fully padded, starting from the headrest which is padded with extra layers to improve neck support. Then, the armrests are hand-sculpted and upholstered for optimal comfort. But, what we like most about it is the strong white stitching all around the chair, which is contrasted by dark colors such as black, brown, and gray. Basically, you can use this chair to not only improve your neck support, but to also enhance your office area because it looks so impressive.

What we like:

  • Premium quality leather ensures durability
  • Deep layered headrest and body pillows for extra comfort
  • White stitching becomes prominent when contrasted by the dark colors of the chair
  • The wheels roll smoothly on many surfaces
  • Adds an elegant and sophisticated look to your office
  • Supports up to 350 lbs

What we don’t like:

  • Some reviewers seem to have complained about the leather not being breathable