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Best Gaming Chairs for Back Pain

If you’re a gamer, you probably spend most of your time on a chair and there’s nothing worse than a back pain and bad posture. Most gamers love to spend money on gaming stuff that makes the gaming experience even better, so why not invest in a decent gaming chair that relieves your back pain too?

Gaming chairs have a distinct VR shape-like and a high backrest that supports your whole upper body better. Most gaming chairs are adjustable so you can change your position and posture after gaming for too long. The best thing about gaming chairs is their versatility in colors and designs because they have some of the best options whether you prefer something colorful or neutral.

What does it take to find the best gaming chair? Well, this comes down to many factors. The first factor would have to be the model because that’s what supports your weight and height so that your body has the proper posture, that’s why you have to check for the weight limit too. Next, the depth and width of the seat is just as important and since you’ll be spending a lot of your time sitting on a chair, might as well pick one that that supports your lower back and thighs just right. Lastly, the fabric and material that the chair is made out of is what truly makes or breaks your back pain.

Here are some features of gaming chairs that you should consider:

  • Adjustable armrests and seat height
  • Lumbar support
  • Ergonomic features and shape
  • Headrest pillow with customizable position
  • A pillow designed specifically for back pain

If you stick with these features, you will for sure find the best gaming chair for your back pain. That’s the only thing that will really improve your gaming session so that you can game freely and without any back pain for a long time.

And if you’ve ever experienced back pain, our team has the solution for you. We chose only the best 10 gaming chairs that will make your gaming experience better and keep the back pain away. Our guide offers some of the most highly ergonomic gaming chairs that are not just comfortable but also stylish and versatile when it comes to functions. So, let’s get started.

CORSAIR T3 Rush Gaming Chair

The Corsair T3 Rush gaming chair has to be our best pick for your back pain. This is a really comfortable chair thanks to the lumbar support and foam pillow and it’s made out of breathable fabric that stays fresh and doesn’t make you sweaty.

Features: This has insanely good features like the 4D armrests that can be adjustable in any direction that fits your posture best. The seat height is also adjustable, with up to 21 inches of movement range thanks to the class-4 gas lift construction. If you ever want to lie back and take a nap, the T3 Rush can recline up to 180 degrees which is a great pain reliever for your back. The weight capacity of this chair is around 265 lbs which is pretty decent.

Design: This has such a minimalistic design and it’s of a high quality material that’s not just comfortable but also stylish. The backrest is hard but at the same time very comfy to just sit in and enjoy your gaming session. The armrests are made out of plastic, flat, wide enough, and finished off with a carbon color to seal the deal. The chair itself comes in 3 different styles:

  • T3 Rush
  • Race
  • Road Warrior

Once you got your style checked, take a look at the amazing colors that the chair offers, such as:

  • Black/White
  • Charcoal,
  • Gray/White,
  • Black/Black
  • Black/Blue,
  • Black/Red

What we like:

  • Super comfortable backrest and armrests
  • No creaking or squeaking sounds
  • Made out of polyurethane – very breathable material
  • Dual wheel casters allow for an easy glide in floor surfaces
  • Lasts for a long time and doesn’t peel off
  • Simple but stylish

What we don’t like:

  • It mostly fits smaller people, not so great for very tall users

GTRACING Gaming Chair

If you’re looking for something that fits within your budget and makes a statement in your gaming room, consider the GTRACING gaming chair because it’s one of the best affordable gaming chairs out there that’s both ergonomic and great for updating your gaming room.

Features: The ergonomic features of this chair are some of the best features out there like the padded seating or the retractable footrest. It has multiple adjustable features such as seat height, recliner and armrests. It has a 360-degree swivel, 90-160 degrees reclining and rocking angle, and rolling casters which run smoothly around most surfaces. The retractable footrest is the best feature because it reduces pain in knees, ankles, or thighs and your posture becomes better.

Design: The red leatherette gives this chair a sleek design that’s unbeatable. The race-inspired shape gives you the best gaming experience for as long as you plan on gaming. The whole construction of the chair is sturdy because it’s made out of a strong metal. And while this looks expensive, it’s actually not and we don’t think you’ll go back to your old gaming chair after sitting in this one. Whatever color you desire, the GTRACING offers multiple choices that will for sure match your style:

  • Black
  • Classic Purple
  • Grey
  • Red
  • Pink
  • Royal Blue
  • White

What we like:

  • The back and seat are padded providing extra comfort
  • Made out of a bonded leather material – sleek
  • Affordable price
  • Supports up to 350 lbs
  • Rest mode with the 160 degree reclining

What we don’t like:

  • There’s no padding on the armrests

AutoFull Gaming Chair Racing Style Ergonomic

If you find yourself taking too many breaks in between your games, the Autofull gaming chair is one of the best chairs for that and it also support your lower back and relieves any pain that you might have, especially if you have sciatica and you need to elevate out your legs from time to time.

Features: The 5.1 inch thick seat cushion of this chair is much thicker than your average gaming chair. It comes with many adjustable features like the headrest, lumbar pillow, the seat and 2D armrest. The wheels have a 360 degree rotation that go smoothly; retractable footrest; level 4 gas lift cylinder and a strong nylon base which supports up to 350 lbs.

Design: Not only is this chair highly functional, it’s also really strong and made out of a carbon fiber and PU leather material which are very breathable and soft to the touch. The fully-wrapped cushion and the S-shaped design of the chair matches the lumbar pillow to support your back. With a sleek design like this one, the AutoFull comes in 5 different colors to match your gaming room:

  • Black and White
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Red and Black

What we like:

  • Thicker padding seat than an average gaming chair – more support
  • Retractable footrest
  • Well-balanced and stable thanks to the metal frame
  • The chair can be locked at a 90-155 degree angle
  • Made of high quality materials
  • Seat height adjustment
  • Easy to put together – the screws are pre-installed

What we don’t like:

  • Armrests don’t lock into place

Hbada Gaming Chair Ergonomic Racing Chair

This Hbada gaming chair is just perfect for gaming and giving comfort to your back pain at all times. The cushioning on this chair and the lumbar support give you the best cozy and comfort feeling during a long session of gaming.

Features: This one too has adjustable features that are very necessary for a gamer like you, starting from the seat height and up to the reclining of the backrest that ranges from 90 up to 155 degrees. It includes adjustable armrests up to 2.75 inches; the wheels rotate at 360 degrees and it supports up to 330 lbs. Depending on what you prefer, you could get this chair with or without a footrest.

Design: This is one of the coziest gaming chairs out there thanks to the thick padding and durable PU leather which support your back and neck so well. It’s a heavy-duty solid construction which ensures durability and it has an ergonomic design that fits any gaming room. We really like the sleek and shiny look of the leather because it makes this look expensive and it’s available in 5 different colors, like:

  • Grey
  • Red
  • White
  • Black and Red
  • Grey and Black

What we like:

  • Thick backrest and seat cushion for optimum comfort on your back
  • Removable headrest and lumbar pillow
  • The shake amplitude is 20 degrees
  • 4-level cylinder – more protection and comfort for you
  • Minimal accents on the design
  • Allows for swiveling around

What we don’t like:

  • The seat could be slightly bigger

E-WIN Gaming Racing Chair

Not everyone has the energy to spend their time on assembling a chair, that’s why this E-Win gaming chair is like the easiest chair to assemble. Every part of this chair feels high-quality and it’s extremely comfortable to sit in and play your games for as long as you want.

Features: If you’re a tall person, even better! This E-Win gaming chair has a wide seat width and supports around 330 lbs. The reclining angle of this one start from 85 degrees up to 155 degrees and it has an adjustable headrest pillow that you can adjust according to your height and a lumbar cushion to relieve your back pain. The metal frame and the class-4 explosion-proof gas lift are what make this chair stand out from the rest and you can probably guess why.

Design: Everything about the design of this chair is and feels high-quality and that’s because it’s covered in PU leather that’s a breathable and super soft material to touch so it won’t irritate you while you play. The simple accent parts of the chair in grey are minimalistic but just enough to make this a statement piece in your room.

What we like:

  • Adjustable neck pillow for your pain
  • Solid and very adjustable
  • Assembly time takes around 30 minutes max.
  • Detachable lumbar pillow
  • Great for large people
  • Tilts up to 155 degrees

What we don’t like:

  • Has a slight squeaking sound

X Rocker Gaming Chair

The X Rocker Pro is the best multi-purpose gaming chair at the moment and if you’re a console player, that’s even better! You can take your gaming experience to another level with this chair that provides maximum comfort for your back pain and supports your entire body even when sitting on the floor.

Features: The X Rocker chair has many health benefits because it relieves spinal pressure and doesn’t let you slouch while sitting on it. Aside from health benefits, the chair has 4 forward facing speakers; vibration motors that sync with your bass tones which make you enjoy your games. It works with Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Wii, DVDs and many gaming systems. It’s also compatible with many chairs thanks to the control panel that connects to your audio for other X-Rocker chairs to join the game.

Design: This is the best lounging gaming chair and we love the fact that it’s designed for playing video games, watching movies or TV, listening to music or anything really. It has a thick padding on the backrest and an integrated head pillow, along with armrests that help with any muscle tension on your back or neck. It also has a leather-like cloth that’s really breathable and it requires minimal maintenance and is super comfortable. It comes in a black and a black/red design for a pop of color.

What we like:

  • High backrest and armrests for reducing back pain
  • Multi-purpose gaming chair
  • Saves a lot of space since it folds
  • Integrated 4.1 wireless audio system
  • Vibration motors
  • Weight capacity is 275 lbs
  • Connects with many chairs in multi-game mode

What we don’t like:

  • The height is not adjustable

RESPAWN 200 Racing Style Gaming Chair

For a unique design and a focal point in your gaming room, the Respawn-200 is one of the best gaming chairs and it has many great features. The internal lumbar system and the ergonomic design of the chair provide maximum comfort for your back and whole body.

Features: The best features of this chair have to be the 4D customization which you can use to lower or raise your chair, changing the height and depth of the armrests and the reclining between 90 to 130 degrees. It also has a 360 degree swivel rotation and a weight capacity if 275 lbs.

Design: The sleek design of the Respawn-200 has a unique shape that not only looks good but also has a set of features that are specifically designed to improve your posture. The steel tube frame design hugs your body perfectly and it has an adjustable headrest that provides the best comfort for you. Another great thing about the design of this chair is the reinforced mesh that’s super lightweight and breathable. It also comes in really cool color combinations, such as:

  • Blue and Black
  • Green and Black
  • Grey and Black
  • Red and Black
  • Black and White

What we like:

  • Gives the best comfort for long gaming sessions
  • The mesh regulates the body temperature
  • Complete adjustability control to the users
  • Sleek and beautiful design
  • Solid construction

What we don’t like:

  • The reclining angle could be better

Herman Miller Embody Chair

This is not a regular gaming chair, this is a cool chair. This Herman Miller Embody chair is one of the best ergonomic chairs out there and as a bonus, it helps with your back problems. You can notice that the design of this one is very different from our other gaming chairs because it’s much slimmer.

Features: Every part of this chair is specifically designed to distribute your body pressure evenly and help with your back pain and posture. The chair’s adjustability lets you align the backrest with your spine’s curve so your posture is both contoured and balanced. It has a lumbar support; fully adjustable arms; adjustable seat height, depth, recliner and see-through casters that roll on the floor effortlessly.

Design: This is different from other gaming chairs which have a wide backrest because the Embody’s design is much slimmer which lets you move around and stretch more freely. It has a pixilated material for the seat cushion so that your weight gets evenly distributed. The best feature of this design is the ability to bend since it allows more freedom of movement when in the reclined position. This one comes in a charcoal rhythm and berry blue balance color so you can either opt for the one that adds a pop of color and matches your gaming room or the neutral one that blends in with the rest of your room.

What we like:

  • Ergonomic design for a healthier posture and alignment
  • Great for all body types and supports around 300 lbs
  • The mesh lets the airflow pass through
  • Includes all adjustable features
  • Comfortable yet chic
  • 12 year warranty

What we don’t like:

  • The back of the chair could be slightly higher for taller people

OFM ESS Collection Racing Style Bonded Leather Gaming Chair

If you want to be comfy during an intense gaming session, then this OFC Essentials collection gaming chair is just what you’re looking for. This is designed to give you maximum comfort since gamers are prone to more back and neck discomfort.

Features: Ergonomic features? Check. Everything about this one is padded thick from the headrest and up to the armrests. This chair has height adjustability, flip-up armrests and a center-tilt control so that everything is adjusted to your liking. It also has 360 degrees of swivel and supports weight up to 275 lbs for a long period of time.

Design: This race car style gaming chair gives you a luxurious yet comforting feel whenever you want to use it. It has a high-quality structure and shape that provides support when you’re in the seat gaming or just moving around. The simple leather accents give the chair an upgraded look that is full of padding to give your back a relief. It’s also upholstered in Soft Thread leather and a grey mesh that has black stitching which gives it that cool and edgy feel that you need during an intense game. It’s also available in different colors, like:

  • Grey
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Purple
  • Pink
  • Red
  • Red/White

What we like:

  • Fully adjustable features for optimum comfort
  • Variety in color
  • Has integrated and segmented padding and padded armrests
  • Aggressive yet stylish design
  • Arms can move – always a bonus
  • Gets assembled pretty quickly
  • Reasonable price

What we don’t like:

  • Not designed for gamers heavier than 275 lbs

AKRacing Core Series EX Gaming Chair

If you want a gaming chair with a decent fabric that helps with your back pain, the AKRacing Core Series EX gaming chair is the one for that. The ultra soft fabric makes your gaming experience enjoyable and comforting because it’s breathable and allows for airflow to get through.

Features: The metal frame underneath the chair is what makes this a supportive chair so don’t expect any sagging from this one. It also includes 3D customizable armrests; class-4 gas lift and a weight capacity for up to 330 lbs. It’s pretty sturdy so it weighs 48.55 lbs; it has adjustable headrest and lumbar pillows and support for extra comfort. And for less than $300, this one is a total steal for your back pain.

Design: Again, the really soft fabric upholstery is what truly makes this the best gaming chair for your back. The breathable material of the fabric doesn’t let you sweat, while the lumbar pillow is a little firm but supportive which is always beneficial if you suffer from back pain. The high density mould shaping foam is such a soft type of padding that gives you the maximum comfort. The versatility of the colors that this fan comes in is another thing we really like because it has multiple options to choose from, like:

  • Black
  • Black/Blue
  • Black/Red
  • Blue
  • Carbon Black
  • Red/Black
  • Red

What we like:

  • Backrest can recline horizontally
  • 100% cold cured foam padding ensures no sagging
  • 3D adjustable armrests in 3 directions: up & down, back & forth, rotate to the sides
  • Breathable and soft fabric material
  • Simplistic but sleek design

What we don’t like:

  • The seat cushion may be a bit too firm for someone