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Best Mesh Office Chairs

If you want to switch to a mesh office chair, best believe you’ll be making your back a huge favor. Mesh chairs are a life saver for people who have long-hour desk jobs; though not all office chairs have this option. Yes, you can try out different types of office chairs, but mesh chairs are becoming popular every day and more, so it’s totally worth taking a second look at them.

If you ever wondered if mesh chair are better than padded chairs, the answer is yes, they are. Some reasons include the fact that they provide better airflow, comfort, and have much more ergonomic features than padded or leather chairs. Additionally, they provide better sitting posture, so your productivity in the office is greatly enhanced.

What exactly is a Mesh Office Chair?

Mesh office chairs are made of mesh fabrics, hence the name. Just like leather office chairs, mesh ones are also built with other materials such as heavy-duty plastic or metal. The backrest is usually made of mesh fabric, but it promotes good support. Plus, they come in many shapes and sizes, though most of them have a rather straightforward design, quite minimalistic.

What Makes a Mesh Office Chair Better?

In all honesty, mesh office chairs have made a revolutionary change in office furniture, so it makes sense that they are considered one of the best types of office chairs. But what exactly makes them better? Here are 5 reasons why we think mesh chairs are one of the best chairs out there:

  1. Airflow

One of the most obvious benefits of a mesh chair is the airflow that it provides. If you were to sit in an upholstered or leather chair for a long time, chances are you’d be sweating like a pig after a few hours. But, mesh chairs allow better ventilation to your back and entire body, so it keeps you cool and comfortable.

  1. Ergonomic support

A general rule for all office chairs should be for them to provide good levels of support and be ergonomically shaped to hug your spine. Most mesh chairs are equipped with ergonomic features that prevent back pain and help you align the posture.

  1. Durability

Most fabric and padding chairs will tear or wear overtime, while mesh still thrives even after many months or years of use. That’s because the tightly-woven mesh is super strong and durable, so it stands up to your needs.

  1. Low maintenance

If you’re someone who hates cleaning their office chair because it gets too dusty, you won’t have this issue with mesh chairs. These chairs are much easier to wipe clean, plus the material doesn’t stain, so this reduces the amount of cleaning that’s needed.

Apart from this, mesh increases the airflow, preventing your sweat and body odor to be soaked in the material. This adds to the hygiene, especially in an office where there are fixed desk spaces and you may need to share office chairs.

  1. Contemporary style

Mesh chairs shouldn’t be boring. When they’re combined with a molded or chrome plastic frame, mesh chairs can look exceptional with modern office furniture, giving your office a contemporary and stylish look. Aesthetics are always important in a work setting, but an attractive office shows that you are a businessman and attracts the clients at the same time.

Pros of a Mesh Office Chair

As it comes with any product, there are pros and cons that you should be aware of. However, we will be focusing only on the good side of mesh office chairs, which are a lot of them.

More Ergonomic Features:

The best office chairs are the ones that can deliver the best comfort, while also providing you with adjustable features. Majority of mesh office chairs have adjustable seat, height, armrests, headrest, or lumbar support. They also have reclining options, backrest that conforms to unique shapes, and smooth-rolling casters. All of these ergonomic features are what make mesh chairs stand out from the rest.

Better Airflow and Comfort:

Non-mesh chairs lack in this area, while mesh chairs facilitate better ventilation for a more relaxing and comforting experience. If you work in an office and you have to sit on a chair for a long time, mesh chairs have the ability to make you feel better because it reduces sweating from your back, while also keeping your back at a decent sitting position.

Lightweight and Easy Maintenance:

Unlike other executive chairs, mesh chairs are a lot more lightweight and require minimal maintenance. Most mesh chairs have a minimalistic and simple design, that’s why it’s easier for you to clean your chair properly. Also, you can easily move mesh chairs around because of how lightweight they are compared to other chairs.

Wide Available and Common:

You can find mesh chairs anywhere and on any store because they’re extremely common nowadays. From chain stores, office supplies shops, online stores (Amazon), and departmental stores, mesh chairs are everywhere. With this availability, you can turn your office into a better and eco-friendly environment because of the ergonomic features that mesh chairs provide.

Herman Miller Aeron Chair Size B Fully Loaded Posture Fit

We’ve said many times and we’ll say it again: the Herman Miller Aeron is an all-time classic when it comes to mesh office chairs. Yes, this is a boujee option, but if you want to invest in a proper mesh chair, might as well be one that’s long-lasting and stylish. Plus, it checks all of the boxes when it comes to ergonomic features.

Features: This one stands out for its adjustable lumbar support – PostureFit SL, which follows your every back movement and puts your back at a comfortable and healthy position all day long. It also comes with other features such as fully adjustable arms, smooth tilt mechanism, seat angle adjustment, and a type of material that includes 8 zones with varying tension levels to provide your body with the best seating experience.

Design: At first glance, this may look like a regular mesh chair, but the one-of-a-kind 8Z Pellicle is what really adds to its price point. This is a type of mesh material that allows air, water, and body heat to circulate and ventilate, so your back doesn’t get sweaty. It only comes in a black color, but that’s enough to add a simplistic touch to your office, without trying too much. We’re going to let the price speak for itself.

What we like:

  • Available in three sizes to fit all body types
  • Eco-friendly
  • The mesh back and seat eliminates pressure on your spine
  • The seat reclines forward 5 degrees and supports your body while learning forward
  • Comes with a 12-year warranty
  • Easy to assemble

What we don’t like:

  • No headrest
  • The price may be an issue for some people

SUNNOW Ergonomic Office Chair with Adjustable Lumbar Support

If you want a headrest and you don’t wish to spend over $800 on an office chair, we got you covered. The SUNNOW Ergonomic Office Chair is just what its name suggests: an ergonomic chair from top to bottom. Comfort is not an issue with this chair and you’ll come to learn this when you see its features.

Features: If you suffer from neck pain, a mesh office chair with a flexible headrest like this SUNNOW will help you with that. Another great feature of the headrest is its width and how it supports your neck when you move from side to side. Other features include a 135-degree range recline, robust lumbar support that’s height and depth adjustable, and angle reclining lock.

Design: An ergonomically designed office chair like this SUNNOW one is a necessity in your life. Not only does it provide superb comfort, but it’s also made of an ultra breathable mesh material that leaves your skin sweat-free, while also keeping your posture aligned. Overall, it has a sleek modern design that you can’t go wrong with, but that’s what we love most about it.

What we like:

  • Very comfortable for long periods of hours
  • Wide mesh headrest plus flexible
  • Waterfall design and breathable mesh
  • Assembly is fairly easy
  • Weight limit is 280 lbs

What we don’t like:

  • Casters could be better
  • Armrests are only height adjustable

WorkPro® Quantum 9000 Series Ergonomic Mid-Back Mesh

Without a doubt, this Workpro Quantum 9000 deserves a spot on our list of best mesh chairs, mostly because of its well built construction. This is on the pricey side, but we wouldn’t have included it if it wasn’t a worthy opponent.

Features: Adjustability is the number one factor we love about the Quantum 9000. First of all, it has an adjustable seat depth, which not a lot of high-end chairs do. Then, it also has a height-adjustable seat and backrest, along with gel-padded 3D armrests to fit every body type. This chair also has the ability to rock while the backrest tilt it rock, since it has a 5-degree angle when locked.

Design: The ergonomic mid back office is an excellent option for people who have difficulties sitting for long hours. It’s extremely durable and the waterfall edge mesh seat is perfect during those hot summer days when you need an all-day comfort. The seat cushion relieves any tension on your leg, while the lumbar support improves your posture. But this one has a more classic design that looks great within any office interior.

What we like:

  • Plenty of adjustable features
  • Uses 55% recycled content
  • Well built and durable
  • Waterfall edge mesh seat
  • Seat depth adjustable and 3D armrests

What we don’t like:

  • Backrest doesn’t rock when it’s locked into position
  • Armrests may swivel too easily

Serta Essential Mesh Low-Back Computer Desk Task Chair

Every office needs an armless mesh chair that’s able to slide right under the desk and this Serta Essential Mesh Low-Back Office Chair offers just that. The breathable backrest and other adjustable features make this an ideal chair for home or commercial use.

Features: We love the fact that this chair has built-in lumbar support and a breathable mesh backrest for that extra support. Another essential feature of this chair is the four inches of seat height adjustment that can go up to 20 inches. Then, there’s also the 360-degree swivel function that allows the chair to move effortlessly with the help of its five casters.

Design: For people who want a supportive chair that’s also comfortable, an armless chair can sometimes be the one you’re looking for. This Serta Essential mesh office chair is a combination of comfort and sleek design that makes it perfect for any work setting. The waterfall edge design and the seat cushion add to that ultra support that your back needs, especially for longer periods of sitting. It’s worth mentioning that this comes in five different colors that look ultra modern, such as:

  • Grey
  • Black
  • Cream
  • Light Blue
  • Pink

What we like:

  • Seat height adjustment up to four inches
  • Armless design for more mobility
  • Combined with a bonded leather and mesh material
  • Comes in five modern colors
  • Breathable mesh to keep you comfortable all day long
  • Multi-directional casters allow easy mobility
  • Easy to assemble

What we don’t like:

  • No option for allowing the back to angle

SAMOFU Ergonomic Office Chair with Foot Rest

If you tend to lean back as you work or you have an immense back pain, this SAMOFU mesh office chair is an excellent choice for that because it provides your upper body the support it needs, while also keeping you comfortable and cool.

Features: Many things stand out about this chair. To start, the 3-piece backrest supports your back and neck better than most high back chairs, plus it can be adjusted up to 2.5 inches based on the curvature of your back. It also includes a dynamic lumbar that adjusts to your back, no matter your sitting position. The seat is adjustable for 2 inches, so it moves in and out to ensure that the pressure underneath your legs is minimized. Speaking of height adjustability, the headrest can also move up to 3 inches, to support your neck and head at the same time.

Design: This is by far one of the most superb build quality office chairs because it contours your whole body, while also providing ultimate comfort for your body. The backrest matches the shape of your back, so it instantly relieves any pain or tension you might have. The aluminum alloy frame is strong, so that even heavy users can easily sit on this chair. The design of this chair just screams quality, especially when you see how the seat glides front and back.

What we like:

  • High-quality construction
  • 4D armrests
  • Backrest and neck rest are adjustable
  • Footrest retracts to support your legs when reclined
  • Waterfall edge seat that conforms to any body shape
  • Silent wheels that move around effortlessly
  • Assembly takes 15 minutes at most

What we don’t like:

  • The price might throw off some people

Big and Tall Office Mesh Office Chair

If you’re searching for a more affordable office chair that can match your needs, we present to you the Big and Tall Mesh Chair by Best Office that not only supports up to 400 lbs, but it also has a variety of adjustable features that make this ideal for larger users.

Features: The real reason why we included this chair on our list is because of its seat height adjustment feature that can go between 17 to 22 inches. Speaking of the seat, this also comes with a 24-inch wide seat that’s great for larger individuals. Apart from this, the chair can also shift between six lumbar support positions, along with adjustable armrests that increase the comfort. The overall height is shifted through pneumatic controls.

Design: Finding the right chair that’s both supportive and comfortable is a daunting task for many people. But when you come across this specific chair, you’ll see that it can be possible to have the best of both worlds. Although the backrest is made of a breathable mesh material, the armrests and the seat have some padding which ensures that your arms don’t get tired. The heavy-duty metal base on this chair provides durability in the long run and it doesn’t deform over time.

What we like:

  • 6 position adjustable lumbar support
  • Height ranges between 17 to 22 inches
  • Available in three colors: black, red, and white
  • Weight limit – 400 lbs
  • Lumbar support reduces back pressure
  • 360-degree swivel
  • Smooth-rolling casters provide stability
  • Extremely easy to set up, only takes 10-15 minutes

What we don’t like:

  • Doesn’t have a recline feature

SPACE Seating Big and Tall AirGrid

We have another option for all you larger users out there. This Space Seating Big and Tall AirGrid is perfect for bulky people since it’s made of high quality materials that can handle up to 400 lbs and it comes with plenty of adjustable features.

Features: If you need space to freely move around in your chair, this one has a 22-inch wide seat and width adjustable armrests which don’t cut off your circulation. This is extremely durable because it can hold up to 400 lbs, even if you sit on the chair for a long time. We love the fact that other features such as the control mechanism, base, pneumatic cylinder, and casters come with a lifetime warranty and if this doesn’t show you how durable the chair is, we don’t know what will.

Design: We mentioned how wide the seat is, but this also comes with a sloping edge that encourages blood flow. It includes a heavy duty gunmetal finish base and oversized dual wheel casters, which together make an amazing combo, giving your office a bit of a modern flare. The breathable Air Grid seat allows for better ventilation, while also giving your back the support it needs.

What we like:

  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Adjustable lumbar support and armrests
  • Generous sized seat at 22 inches
  • Mid pivot knee tilt
  • Soft padding on the seat and mesh material on the backrest for optimum comfort
  • Weight limit is 400 lbs

What we don’t like:

  • Doesn’t have a tilt lock
  • It’s a little heavy to carry around (60 pounds)

Hbada Office Task Desk Chair

If you’re looking for an extra affordable office chair that’s made of mesh but is comfortable enough to support you through long office hours, this Hbada mesh task chair is perfect for that. This is without a doubt, our best choice when it comes to budget office chairs because it’s compact, lightweight, and consists of many useful features.

Features: Most executive chairs can’t be shoved under the desk because of their armrests, but the Hbada task chair can because of its flip up armrests that you can adjust. This feature not only allows you to get closer to the work table, but it also saves some space near your desk. The backrest has a 120-degree rock and tilt tension, whenever you need to stretch or relax. It’s also height adjustable from 17.7 inches to 21.2 inches to match different peoples’ needs.

Design: One of the biggest reasons why we chose this Hbada task chair is the breathable S-shaped mesh backrest which is suitable for long periods of seating and supports your upper body just perfect. The base of this chair is also a heavy duty one, ensuring a durable office chair that’s able to roll around the office with the silenced rolling casters. This is an ergonomically designed chair, with a simple yet sleek design that comes in a black, beige, and white color to match the interior of your office.

What we like:

  • Affordable but high quality
  • Space-saving armrests
  • Has a rock and tilt feature with adjustable tension
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Assembly is easy

What we don’t like:

  • The seat cushion could be made of a better padding/foam
  • Not the best office chair for big and tall users