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Best Herman Miller Aeron Alternatives

Herman Miller Aeron is, without a doubt, one of the best office chairs in the market. Herman Miller as a brand has changed the world of office furniture because of its trendy yet comfortable products, and the Aeron is no exception.

This model is sturdy, comfortable, ergonomic, and can be used for many hours, hence why so many people and companies prefer it. Not to mention that the materials are high-quality, such as the mesh that’s flexible and breathable throughout the day.

But let’s be honest, not everyone has the money to invest in this chair. As good as it is, the price point may be a drawback to a lot of people. That’s why a lot of people are looking for chair alternatives that come close to the Aeron. Perhaps they need something less expensive or something with another material.

Either way, this article will help you find an Aeron chair alternative that matches you needs. We have included a list of chairs with a wide range of prices, designs, adjustments and styles, so there’s a little bit of everything.

What Makes the Aeron a Comfortable Office Chair?

Before looking at the alternatives, let’s rewind and see why the Aeron is such a comfortable and popular chair. We think the secret is in the details, but let’s take a look at some of the most prominent features of this chair.

PostureFit SL

Being an expensive chair, the Aeron has plenty of advanced features, like the lumbar support called PostureFit SL. This support is made of two flex pads; one supporting the lumbar area, and the other the sacrum. Altogether, these individual flex pads promote a healthy posture, pushing the spine to stay in an S-shaped position, so you don’t have to adjust the lumbar support at all times.

Eight Tension Zones

The Aeron has eight tension zones, also known as the 8Z Pellicle that reaches the entire seat and back. This tightly woven membrane provides proper support and tension for any area of your body that touches the chair. This is also one of the main reasons why you can sit in this chair for a long time and not feel any aching.

Adjustable Seat Angle and Tilt Limiter

These two features are used interchangeably because they provide such good comfort when you sit or recline. The tilt limiter allows you to adjust the amount of tension and the amount of tilt while you lean back.

Additionally, there’s the forward tilt feature, which is a rare feature in ergonomic chairs. This allows you to tilt the seat up to 5 degrees forward and reduce the ache in your body while you learn forward to reach for something or type on your desk.

Contoured Waterfall Seat

As part of its amazing features, the Aeron has a contoured sloping seat edge that reduces the pressure behind the knees and in the back of the thighs, increasing blood flow in the lower limbs.

Pivoting Armrests

The armrests of the Aeron are extremely well built and padded, to ensure your arms and wrists stay positioned correctly. Another great feature is the angle of the armrests, which can go inwards and out. This is essential in an ergonomic chair, though many low-end chairs don’t have it.

3 Different Chair Sizes

One of the best things about the Herman Miller Aeron is the versatility in size because it comes three different sizes to match different people. It comes in Size A, Size B, and Size C, so If you’re 4’10’’ or 6’6’’ tall, or up to 350 lbs, you can find an Aeron chair that matches you perfectly.

Caster Wheels Options

Another great thing about the Aeron chair is that it lets you choose between two different caster types. The first one is standard casters, which work for carpeted floors, and the second is hard floor casters that are perfect for hard surfaces, such as ceramic tile, wood, and vinyl tile. The hard floor casters also come with an advanced feature called the ‘Quiet Roll Technology’, which means the wheels roll smoothly and without a sound.

WorkPro® Quantum 9000 Series

Our first pick for a Herman Miller Aeron knockoff is this Quantum 9000 because it looks exactly like the real deal. The chair has the breathable mesh, backrest tilt, contoured waterfall seat, and the tension control. However, it comes with even more features than the Aeron.

The most important thing about the Quantum 9000 is that the seat depth is adjustable. This is highly important as it ensures that there’s decent spacing between the bottom of your thighs and the chair’s edge. If there’s too much or too little spacing, blood flow is stuck in the same area, which leads to numbness and even cramping.

Apart from this, the lumbar support of the Quantum 9000 deserves to be discussed. The lumbar support is fixed, but don’t let this throw you off because the entire backrest of the chair can be moved up or down, so it provides the proper support based on your curvature and back length. Additionally, the armrests are also comparable to the Aeron, not to mention that it comes with a pivot to support your arms at a ‘’v’’ angle.

Generally, the Quantum 9000 is perhaps the closest chair that looks and feels like the Aeron, especially aesthetically. It provides a lot of the ergonomic features that Aeron has, but it’s also one of the best mesh office chairs in the market. The best thing about it is that it’s almost 4 times cheaper than the Aeron chair and if this isn’t enough to make you buy it, then we don’t know what will.

What we like:

  • Mesh material on the back and seat provides ultra comfort
  • S-shaped backrest with lumbar support
  • Waterfall-edged seat
  • Adjustable armrests
  • Adjustable seat depth
  • Made from recycled materials – eco-friendly
  • Cheaper alternative for the Aeron
  • Backrest recline with tension control and tilt

What we don’t like:

  • It only comes in one size
  • Lumbar-support is fixed

Alera ALEEL42ME10B Alera Elusion Series

Another budget-friendly alternative for the Herman Miller Aeron is the Alera Elusion. This chair has a wide variety of features, including the locking forward tilt that’s extremely hard to find in low-end office chairs.

This model has a seat cushion that’s upholstered in fabric, so it’s comfortable even after ten hours. Also, the mesh backrest is breathable and can adjust up and down to match both short and tall people. This feature makes up for the fixed lumbar support. Additionally, the tilt and lock function is perfect for different positing, more specifically the forward tilt.

In terms of durability, the Alera Elusion is pretty durable for its price point, but it may start to wear after six months of using it regularly.

Aesthetically speaking, the chair looks simple, with an all-black design that matches the interior of any office workspace.

However, if you’re considering this option, remember that this isn’t made of the best high-end materials, but it’s still a reasonable option for people who are in a pinch and tight on money.

What we like:

  • Budget-friendly alternative
  • Reclining backrest
  • Lockable forward tilt
  • Adjustable and removable padded armrests
  • Breathable mesh backrest
  • Height-adjustable backrest
  • Fabric seat cushion is decent

What we don’t like:

  • Fixed lumbar support
  • Assembly takes around 45 minutes

Ticova Ergonomic Office Chair

The Herman Miller Aeron is known for its adjustable lumbar support that not many chairs offer, but the Ticova ergonomic chair allows you to adjust its lumbar support, providing you a customized support, though at a lower price.

The Ticova comes with an adjustable lumbar pad which pushes your back forward and aligns your spine, improving your posture and reducing backaches. Although this feature isn’t as good as Aeron’s, it’s still decent in this price range.

The chair also has a wide variety of adjustable options, such as adjustable armrests that move in and out when you want to lean back and relax. The seat height is adjustable s well, at a tilt angle that you can lock between 90 and 120 degrees.

Another great feature that makes Ticova resemble the Aeron is the mesh back. It ensures consistent airflow and breathability to keep you away from sweating throughout the day. What’s more, the mesh has a high back design that covers your back.

Not only that, but the 3-inch high-density seat cushion memory foam is great because it makes for a comfortable and durable seat. Additionally, the foam is durable enough even if you use it for long periods of hours.

In terms of construction and durability, this model has a high-quality and solid build, so you should expect it to last for another few years.

What we like:

  • Breathable mesh backrest
  • Adjustable back support
  • Adjustable 3D armrests
  • Reasonable price
  • Ultra comfortable padded seat
  • Modern and minimalistic design

What we don’t like:

  • Not the best option for big and tall people
  • Assembly takes longer

SIDIZ T50 Home Office Desk Chair

The SIDIZ T50 compares to the Herman Miller Aeron a lot because of its ergonomics and price. This is one of those chairs that have a forward tilt, which as many of you know, this is the defining feature of the Aeron.

Speaking of this feature, you can use the lever to tilt the cushion forward, so you can easily perform any tasks without having to worry about your back or waist.

Speaking of the cushion, the seat is covered in a fabric that’s breathable enough to keep you cool. The chair also comes in three different colors: blue, black, and grey. Overall, this model has a sleek but modern design that’s not just aesthetically-pleasing, but also comfortable to sit on.

Another feature that we love is the seat depth adjustment and the waterfall seat edge. These two features go hand in hand together because they reduce the pressure under your thighs, especially after working for long hours.

The SIDIZ T50 offers a multi-limited tilting function that has 5 levels of tilt. When combined with tension control, it ensures your back never feels like it stays in one position.

When it comes to the lumbar support, this chair comes in two options: one with a lumbar, and one without. Many users have claimed to like the basic version as they thought it was very comfortable, with one reviewer saying that it’s like getting an Aeron chair but for one third of the price.

What we like:

  • Waterfall edge seat
  • Adjustable seat depth
  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • 3D armrests
  • Made from eco-friendly materials
  • Three times cheaper than the Aeron
  • Forward tilt support

What we don’t like:

  • It has a slight creaking noise when reclining

Duramont Ergonomic Office Chair

If you’re looking for a high-quality ergonomic chair that’s still on the affordable side, the Duramont is the one for you. This chair is known for its sturdy build and aluminum base that supports up to 330 lbs, but you can get this in a much cheaper price, at only $329, 99.

People who need to sit all day and work in their offices will really benefit from this chair because the Duramont uses high-density foam that’s not too firm, but good enough for heavy people. Since it’s medium-firm foam, it means it won’t lose its shape or flatten after a few days.

As far as ergonomics go, this chair has many adjustable features that ensure a customized sitting experience. For example, the seat height, armrests, headrest, back angle, and lumbar support are all adjustable. Additionally, there’s a tilt tension adjustment that allows you to rock back and forth.

Whether you want to sit upright or relax back, the chair adapts to many positions between 90 and 120 degrees, so you can lock it at whatever angle you desire. The armrests are also adjustable in height and width based on your body type.

Another essential feature is the lumbar support, which is adjustable, meaning it can go up and down, or in and out. Even if you’re someone who sweats a lot, this chair will provide maximum airflow to keep you cool because thanks to its breathable mesh. As a bonus, you don’t have to worry about odor clinging either.

Another helpful feature is the roller blade caster wheels which work effortlessly on floors and carpets. They’re safe to use even on delicate floors because they don’t damage or leave any marks.

What we like:

  • One of the most popular ergonomic office chairs
  • Affordable price
  • Breathable mesh
  • Personalized lumbar system
  • High-density foam cushion
  • Easy assembly; only takes 20-30 minutes

What we don’t like:

  • Only reclines to 120 degrees

Steelcase Amia Ergonomic Office Chair

Although slightly different in appearance, the Steelcase Amia Task Chair provides the same comfort and support of the Aeron, but at 60% of the cost. Since Steelcase is a high-end brand, you can expect a lot of similarities between these two options.

The most prominent features of the Amia are the 4D armrests and the LiveLumbar support, which are the most comparable features of the Aeron chair. The armrests are even more versatile than the Aeron’s because they can move in and out to suit different arm lengths. The LiveLumbar on the other hand, includes many flexors that move and bend according to your back’s movements, so you get continuous support at all times. Thanks to a slider, you can further personalize the exact place in your backside that you want to target.

This is a sturdy chair, with a solid build, and high-end parts that fit like a glove together. The medium-firm fabric seat cushion is perfect because it’s comfortable in many positions. Since the seat has a sloping edge, this makes it ideal to sit cross-legged. We think this is a well-thought feature because overly firm seats are not everyone’s cup of tea.

The seat itself is also adjustable from 16 to 21 inches in height, supporting most users. For extra customization, the chair is seat depth adjustable as well.

We also love the versatility of colors as this comes in over ten different colors, such as black, yellow, burgundy, blue, crocus, meadow, pumpkin, etc.

What we like:

  • LiveLumbar support
  • 4D armrests
  • Adjustable seat depth
  • Fabric seat that’s comfortable and breathable
  • Sloping seat edge
  • Back tension control
  • Comes in a variety of colors

What we don’t like:

  • Limited recline angle
  • Backrest height is not adjustable
  • Lumbar support can’t be adjusted in and out

How We Chose the Best Herman Miller Aeron Alternatives

Finding the perfect match for the Aeron is extremely challenging, but not impossible. There are many factors that we considered in our compilation of the best alternatives, and this is how we were able to choose our top 6 chairs:

  • Lumbar Support: A good posture and support are the main factors that should be considered. A chair should be able to provide a healthy posture and support for the lower back. Of course, adjustable lumbar support is the best, but some of our alternatives but encouraging lumbar support because they’re comfortable on their own.
  • Material: Not a lot of chairs offer the same tension zones as the Aeron does. However, there are still mesh and fabric chairs that provide more or less the same level of comfort, but at a lower cost. For example, the Steelcase Amia is upholstered in fabric, but it still hits the spot when it comes to comfort.
  • Backrest Tilt & Tension Control: Both the backrest tilt and tension control work at reducing the pressure on your back while you sit and work all day. The work hand in hand together. So, when we came up with the Aeron alternatives, we picked only chairs that have these two features.
  • Adjustable Armrests: While the Aeron has 3D armrests that pivot inwards to provide support for your arms while typing, we made sure to include chairs that go beyond that and have 4D armrests, such as the Steelcase Amia. This model’s armrests move in and out as well and this is a very helpful feature for people who are constantly working and typing at the same time.
  • Forward Seat Tilting: The Aeron is famous for its forward tilt feature as this is a rare ergonomic feature, even within high-end office chairs. Luckily, we were able to find some alternatives that have forward tilting just like the Aeron does. This is an important feature because it adds extra support when you’re leaning forward or doing tasks that require you to do so.
  • Waterfall-Edged Seat: You would think that a sloping edge seat is a prominent feature in many ergonomic office chairs, but that’s not quite the case. Many chairs, both high-end and low-end, lack a sloping seat edge feature, not realizing that this is crucial for your support. Not only does a waterfall-edged seat provide extra support, but it also helps reduce pressure in the lower limbs, leading to better blood circulation.
  • Price: Let’s face it, one of the biggest reasons why people look for Herman Miller Aeron alternatives is because of its tremendous price that not everyone can afford. However, we made sure to include chairs that are lower in price than the original, sometimes even 4 times cheaper than the Aeron. At the same time, we didn’t take this for granted because we also included chairs that are more affordable, but also comfortable and similar in features.