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Best Office Chairs for Tailbone Pain

Tailbone pain – does this sound familiar to you? It happens to anyone who sits in an office chair all day and if not treated in the early stages, it can cause a long-lasting pain that’s extremely uncomfortable. This is also known as coccydynia and it’s located below the sacrum of your spine and one of its many drawbacks is that it takes weeks or months to heal.

What causes tailbone pain? Well, there are definitely many factors but the number one reason has to be the uncomfortable office chair that you spend majority of your time in. Other reasons might include trauma to the coccyx or surgery which make your tailbone pain worse. Your lower spine requires some support in order to have a healthy sitting position because the tissues in your back are sensitive and without that support, they have to work harder to align your posture.

You might ask yourself, well what would help with this pain then? The best assistance to your tailbone discomfort is an ergonomic office chair with a decent lumbar support that keeps your lower back in check. An ergonomic office chair must contour your body and relieve tailbone pain, with a proper seat that hugs your form when seated.

How to Find the Correct Office Chair for Your Tailbone Pain

A typical office chair must always be comfortable to sit on, even for long periods. The best ones keep your spine aligned and don’t cause any pain but there are some key features that you need to look for before opting for an office chair that’s simply advertised to help with your tailbone.

Adjustable height

You should be able to adjust the height of your office chair if you want to have a comfortable seating experience. A customizable chair helps not only with your lower back but also with your legs as they remain parallel, providing great comfort.

Recline function

Apart from the height being adjustable, you should also check for an office chair that has an adjustable backrest. The forward and backwards recline position helps with aligning your back to your desired position and prevents tailbone pain in the future.

Check for the back support

A curved backrest is your best friend if you deal with coccyx pain. Your back is always in need for comfort and support from a decent backrest and that’s why an ergonomic chair that contours your spine and has a lumbar pillow is a must.

Below, you’ll find our guide to the best office chairs for tailbone pain that allow you to work effectively and for long hours. These 10 office chairs are versatile in functions, design, and price as well so pick wisely.

Steelcase Leap Office Chair

If you’re looking for office furniture, the Steelcase Leap is the right pick for you, especially if you have to sit for long periods. What we like most about it is the wide variety of adjustable features that make your seating experience so comfortable and it relieves tailbone pain.

Features: A customizable chair like the Leap is always a must-have in your office area. The depth of the seat is adjustable from 21.75 to 24.75 inches, as well as height of the seat from 15.5 to 20.5 inches. You can also adjust the lumbar from 5.25 to 10.25 inches, while the backrest reclines up to 120 degrees. And as the backrest reclines, your feet stay put on the floor so that your posture is perfectly aligned. The lumbar support is especially great for your tailbone pain as it eases any discomfort and supports your back just right.

Design: The Leap is known for its high-quality materials and ergonomic design that has a thick padding. The backrest and seat are fully padded, with a breathable material that’s 100% polyester and long-lasting. As a multi-featured chair, this one also comes in multiple colors but we’ll only mention a few so you can check out the rest for yourself:

  • Black
  • Burgundy
  • Alpine Fabric
  • Grey Fabric
  • Sable Fabric
  • Blue Fabric
  • Camel/Black
  • Cogent Connect Coconut

What we like:

  • Premium adjustability
  • Lumbar support to reduce tailbone pain
  • Carpet rotating wheels
  • Fully adjustable armrests
  • 5 position recline lock
  • The S-shape of the chair gives it a stylish look
  • Features a LiveBack ™ technology that changes the shape as your body moves

What we don’t like:

  • Seat cushion may be too firm

SIDIZ T50 Home Office Desk Chair

The Sidiz T50 is often compared to the classic Herman Miller Aeron and for a good reason. This is one of those ergonomic office chairs that are extremely effective in relieving pain on your tailbone, while also providing you with plenty adjustable features.

Features: Tilting the seat forward and locking it into place at an angle is just one push of a lever away. The good thing about this is that it relieves some pressure off your tailbone and you can always alternate between a flat or forward position. Other ergonomic features are the 3D arms, adjustable lumbar support, and seat depth. Another great thing about the recline part is that this has a multi-limited and a synchronized tilting that help your backrest keep a good posture and free from any tailbone pain.

Design: While the Sidiz T50 increases your work efficiency, it also creates a modern office area thanks to the sleek and contemporary design. The S-shape of the backrest support and aligns your spine perfectly, while the blue PU foam and the memory foam contour your body. Sturdy and high-quality materials are a huge part of this chair that’s why it’s heavy for a reason. It also comes in three different colors to match your office and give it a fresh look, such as:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Grey

What we like:

  • S-curve helps with your tailbone pain
  • Height and depth adjustable lumbar support
  • 3D arms
  • Synchro tilt function has 5 locking points up to 125 degrees
  • Breathable mesh fabric on the backrest

What we don’t like:

  • Adjusting the height of the armrests is a little frustrating

OFM ESS Collection Bonded Leather Executive Chair

If you want the simplest solution for your tailbone pain, the OFM ESS Collection Bonded office chair can offer you just that. What makes this a great option is the fact that it’s easy to assemble, without any hassle and it’s perfect for people of any age who work in an office all day.

Features: An executive chair like this one for sure gives your back the best support it needs and it leaves no part of your spine unprotected, hence why it’s a great alternative for a tailbone pain. It also includes multiple ergonomic features like the tilting mechanism, locking position, and the 360-degree swivel function. It also features a lumbar support and 4D adjustable armrests to customize the chair to your preferences.

Design: We really love the fact that the OFM ESS office chair provides flexibility thanks to the ultra-comfortable padding on the seat that’s soft to the touch. The outer part is covered in leather, giving it that classic feel and making it an ideal chair for your office area. The decorative stitching and detail on this one don’t go unnoticed either; it just further elevates the design of it. Lastly, the all-black appearance of the chair gives it that simplistic yet classic look that everyone loves.

What we like:

  • Includes complete lumbar support to relieve backbone pain
  • Fully padded seat and armrests
  • Durable bonded leather that’s high-quality
  • Sturdy base with caster wheels that run smoothly
  • Installation is easy
  • Affordable yet durable
  • Weight limit is 250 lbs

What we don’t like:

  • Instructions lack a little

BestOffice 400lbs Wide Office Chair

If you’re on the heavier side, you know how hard it is to find a proper office chair that not only helps with your tailbone pain but also fits your height perfectly. This BestOffice chair is specifically designed to help you with this as it supports up to 400 lbs.

Features: The adjustable features like the lumbar support that this one gives, is one of the many reasons why this is a top pick. This customization allows you to change between 6 different positions, with adjustable armrests that align perfectly with your height. The seat height can also be adjusted from 18 to 21 inches with the knob. For being a heavy-duty office chair, this one moves effortlessly around the room with the 360 degree swivel function and nylon wheel casters. It’s truly one of the best options for tall and heavy people out there.

Design: The mesh and thick cushion is a great combo and they never fail to deliver the best seating experience for you. The backrest has a breathable mesh fabric, while the seat is padded with extra cushion to add more comfort. The best thing about the padding on the seat is that it doesn’t deform over time, it just mimics your body shape. Added to that, the ventilated mesh on the back allows for a better reclining experience and it’s a breathable material as well.

What we like:

  • The thickness on the seat keeps your lower back comfortable
  • Supports up to 400 lbs
  • 6 adjustable lumbar support positions
  • Seat height ranges from 18 to 21 inches
  • Wheel casters offer great mobility
  • Easy to set up

What we don’t like:

  • Not the best office chair for short people

HAG Capisco Adjustable Standing Desk Chair

The HAG Capisco is perhaps one of our most innovative and unique office chair that’s extremely helpful for people with tailbone pain. And who would’ve thought of saddle chairs as an ergonomic chair with great benefits? This one totally deserves a second look both because of its design and ability to help with your posture.

Features: Whatever position you want to sit in, HAG Capisco is there for you. The saddle works perfectly for a desk office and the seat height is adjustable from 22.5 to 33 inches. This chair is fully adjustable, with the seat depth, back height and tilt to fit your height and body type. All of these adjustments allow for multiple movements forwards, backwards, or sideways.

Design: The pronounced W-curve of the seat is a unique design that improves your posture, gives you plenty of space to move, and it contours the shape of your lower back so that your tailbone doesn’t hurt and the weight is distributed evenly. What’s also great about it is the fact that the chair comes in three different material options: leather, polyester, and vinyl. Additionally, it also comes in many tones and colors that are beautiful as they enhance your office area, giving it that modern feel. All of these materials are easy to clean and you can find them in:

  • Black
  • Camira Era Bloom
  • Camira Era Cobalt
  • Camira Era Slate
  • Camira Era Sprout
  • Camira Era Wash

What we like:

  • The W-shape design helps to lift the tailbone and reduce any pain
  • Fully adjustable in seat depth, height, and tilt
  • Available in three different materials
  • Comes in a black, silver, and white base
  • Multiple colors to choose from

What we don’t like:

  • A little too pricey for some

Furmax Office Executive Chair

As someone who spends majority of their time sitting in an office chair all day, tailbone pain is an inevitable part of it. This Furmax Office chair is a smart and convenient option for long-lasting office hours and you’ll come to see why.

Features: Its wide array of features from the Furmax never let you down. One of the adjustable features is the height which ranges from 17.2 to 21.2 inches. The backrest height is also adjustable and it offers you a customizable seating position that helps alleviate your tailbone pain. It also has a 360 degree swivel function to move freely around the office, making it a flexible and comfortable chair. In terms of its dimensions, the width of the seat is 19.8 x 21.8 inches, and the height of the backrest is 21.8 x 24.8 inches, which are pretty solid dimensions.

Design: A heavy-duty base and its operating levers reduce the pain on your lower back and they’re padded which adds to that extra comfy sensation. The PU leather has an outstanding finish and feels amazing to your body, not to mention the fact that it’s water-resistant. It has a heavy-duty base and that’s what gives it that stable structure that you can use to move around and change positions. It comes in neutral colors that fit any office interior and the stitching detail is quite noticeable:

  • Black
  • Brown
  • White

What we like:

  • Adjustable tilt tension control
  • Cushioned back and seat to help relieve tailbone pain
  • Weight capacity is 300 lbs
  • Adjustable seat flexibility
  • Casters roll smoothly

What we don’t like:

  • Assembling takes some time
  • No lumbar pillows

OFM 733-F Modern Fabric Upholstered Office Chair

We love a stylish mid-century office chair that includes premium ergonomic features which offer adjustability. Apart from this, the shape of the seat helps with any pain in your tailbone as it’s padded nicely and fits a wide range of people.

Features: What we most like about the OFM Core office chair is the removable 3-inch seat cushion, so if you want a U-shape coccyx cut out, you could opt for that too. The height of a chair is always crucial and this one has an adjustable seat height that varies from 3 to 5 inches and it makes sure your feet don’t dangle. The backrest can be raised or lowered from the seat; lumbar support is always a great feature that reduces tailbone pain. It offers plenty of other features like deeper recline angles, tilt locks, and other controls that minimize any discomfort.

Design: One of the best seat cushions is one with a coccyx U-shape and they’re hard to find because they’re that good. That’s why, the OFM Core chair fits any body shape and style, giving your office a sleek chrome finish. The thick 3-inch cushion provides comfort throughout the day, especially since it has that lounge chair design with a cozy vibe to it. As mentioned, cushions are removable, easy to clean and the fabric requires little maintenance.

What we like:

  • Seat height ranges from 38 to 41.1 inches
  • Upholstered and padded arms
  • Wide enough to sit at an angle
  • Comfortable to lean back in
  • Takes up to 15 minutes to set up
  • Supports up to 250 lbs

What we don’t like:

  • The fabric is not very breathable
  • Arms are not adjustable

Alera ALEEL42ME10B Alera Elusion Series Mesh Mid-Back Multifunction Chair

You didn’t think we’d leave out a budget-friendly office chair, did you? The Alera Elusion Series is our top choice when it comes to a budget pick, with a price point of $200. Since this has a forward seat tilt, it allows your weight to be evenly distributed so your stronger bones take all the pressure and reduce your tailbone pain.

Features: While we’re at the backrest, this one moves up and down, with a lumbar support that provides ultimate support and fits the curvature of your spine. It comes with a multifunction mechanism that allows for more flexibility in terms of the seat, tilt, and armrests. Speaking of armrests, you can adjust the height or width of the arms to fit your preferences and align your posture.

Design: If you want to relieve any discomfort or pressure on your legs and lower back, a seat cushion with a waterfall edge is the solution for that. The Alera Elusion also includes a breathable mesh that ventilates air and gives the chair a cool design. It’s also made from only the best materials – fabric upholstery and wheel casters for easy mobility.

What we like:

  • Waterfall edge design to help with your backbone pain
  • Forward seat tilt
  • Contoured sloping seat cushion
  • Adjustable arms and backrest height
  • Mesh back provides ventilation during hot summer days

What we don’t like:

  • Arms aren’t padded
  • Instructions could be better

Steelcase Gesture Office Chair 

Steelcase Gesture Office Chair

Another Steelcase favorite is this Gesture office chair which has an ergonomic design that ensures durability and it’s just the perfect fit if you ache from tailbone pain. One of the best features that you need to know about the Gesture is the seat which provides enough padding in the long run.

Features: Since this chair gives you the option to lock the position at 7 different points, your tailbone will for sure feel better. It includes adjustable features such as seat depth, 4D arms, shell back and seat, and a synchronized system that follows your every move. The wheels are also great for carpet flooring and they roll smoothly and effortlessly around the surface.

Design: While the Gesture is completely covered with plastic, that’s sufficient enough to provide your body with premium comfort and flexibility. Apart from this, it also includes metal features which add to the adjustability of this chair. The fabric is 100% polyester and it’s a skin-friendly fabric with comfortable seat padding. The base has a polished aluminum finish but you have to check out all the amazing color options that this chair comes in such as:

  • Black leather
  • Graphite
  • Coconut Fabric
  • Concord Fabric
  • Espresso Leather
  • Licorice Fabric
  • Malt Fabric
  • Root Beer Fabric

What we like:

  • 100% polyester fabric
  • Built-in seat sliding
  • High-quality and durable plastic
  • Multiple colors to choose from
  • 3D LiveBack ™ technology that mimics your moves
  • 360 degree rotating arms

What we don’t like:

  • Backrest lacks a locking position

Serta AIR Health and Wellness Executive Office Chair

Once again, if your budget is not so high, this Serta Air Health and Wellness office chair is another great option for that. This suits your height, provides enough support for your lower back, and the air pillow is what takes your tailbone pain away.

Features: Serta Air has excellent supportive features and the great thing about it is that you don’t need to add any extra pillows to support your tailbone. The built-in pillow on the back pushes your back enough to give it a nice support. You could also adjust the height of the chair to a position where your feet don’t dangle, so your height is no problem. Lastly, the dual-wheel casters are specifically made for multi-surfaces and they provide mobility as well.

Design: If you’re into simplistic chairs, the Serta Air is just that. The ergonomic design of this one is layered with body pillows and padded arms that improve your posture. In terms of its materials, this chair is made of bonded leather and a white stitching that contrasts the light gray color of the leather and gives it a sleek design. It also includes ultra thick non-recycled foam on the seat and armrests to reduce any pain and the best part about it is that this type of foam is non-toxic.

What we like:

  • Fully padded design to help with tailbone aching
  • Reclines up to 122 degrees
  • Side-seat controls to raise or lower the seat
  • Made of bonded leather
  • 25 inches backrest
  • Hand-sculpted arms

What we don’t like:

  • Armrests are not detachable