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Best Fabric Gaming Chairs

A fabric gaming chair is ideal for gamers who game for long periods of hours. One of the biggest reasons is that fabric chairs have a more breathable and higher quality material, and they’re extremely comfortable because they’re soft to the touch. Majority of fabric chairs are similar to PU leather chairs in terms of adjustability and design alternatives.

Another reason is comfort. Everyone has had their fair share of sweat and feeling like you’re sticking to the chair. But a fabric upholstered chair doesn’t do that. Plus, they come in many styles and designs, giving you more variety, so that you can come across a chair that suits your preferences and taste.

This is also great if you’re not fond of traditonal-style gaming chairs and you want something more modern that that looks great with your room’s interior.

How Does a Fabric Gaming Chair Help with Physical and Mental Stress?

You might not think about this, but if you spend majority of your time sitting on a desk or exposed to devices, you are more likely to suffer from physical and mental stress. So, where does a fabric gaming chair fit in all this?

Well, a fabric gaming chair helps in two ways. First, the chair supports your posture during gaming marathons. Second, it adds an extra layer of comfort which keeps you more productive and happier while gaming. In other words, you can’t go wrong with a fabric upholstered gaming chair.

How to Choose the Best Fabric Gaming Chair: A Guide

When you search for ‘’fabric gaming chair’’ online, plenty of results come up. But, how do you know which ones are actually the best? Before deciding on any chair, you need to evaluate some crucial factors that make or break your choice. Below, we compiled a guide for better comprehension.


Ergonomics come first in any chair, whether it’s used for office or gaming, and it plays a significant role in your decision. A gaming chair’s ergonomics are evaluated by the way it helps you maintain a decent posture and prevent health problems such as neck pain, back pain, numbness, or pressure on the hips.

However, every chair designs their features differently. For example, a chair might offer a retractable footrest which helps with your back pain or increases circulation in lower body. Also, chairs with an integrated lumbar support are likely to be more ergonomic than lumbar pillow since they provide more depth and height adjustability. This lets you personalize the chair based on your needs. So, if you suffer from any chronic pain, these features are highly important.


It’s okay to admit that most of us shop based on the price. However, when it comes to gaming chairs, if you buy one with a poor build quality, that can cause even more problems and it won’t last for a long time.

The biggest problem with low-quality gaming chair is that they don’t feel strong enough to hold you, and especially when you recline, the backrest feels like it can break any time. But, with high-quality gaming chair, you don’t have to worry about that because they have a sturdy base.

Ideally, you want to look for chairs that have a metal base and frame such as steel or aluminum since they support a lot of weight and are durable. At the same time, you should avoid plastic materials because they are less sturdy.

Tip: check whether the manufacturer shows they have performed strength or durability tests on their gaming chairs. Chairs that are certified by reputable organizations prove you that their chairs are durable and long-lasting.


Comfort is different for everyone, but there are some elements that make a chair feel more comfortable. If we consider seat comfort, a gaming chair with a dense foam cushion gets the job done because it alleviates the pressure from the weight. However, if the chair didn’t have that cushion, the pressure would be more prominent on your joints or muscle tissue. Additionally, a flexible seat edge increases circulation in your lower body.

Another important aspect of comfort is the back. Back pain is one of the most common pains that gamers experience because it leads to a poor posture. The best chair provides a customized back support.

Padded armrests are also important as they relieve the pressure off the elbows. Armrests should also be highly adjustable so that the arms and wrists are parallel to the desk. As a result, this prevents straining your wrists or any other injury.


Adjustability equals comfort. Since everyone has a different body type, a chair should be adjustable to fit any needs. No matter how tall you are, your feet should be flat on the floor, your arms parallel to the desk, and your back sitting upright.

Some adjustable features include: seat height and depth, lumbar height and depth, back angle, and armrests. The more adjustability options, the better.


Last but not least, another great thing about gaming chair is their designs. Racing-theme designs are getting a bit old, so we recommend something with a more modern and sleek design. Also, functionality matters. For example, an open seat pan is much better than a traditional bucket because it gives you more space and doesn’t put pressure on your legs.

GTRACING Gaming Chair

There’s nothing better than a GTracing Pro Series GT505 to start off our list of the best fabric gaming chairs. This is one of the best chairs in the market partly because of its affordable price and its high-quality features.

Features: This chair has some nice features, such as a headrest to keep your posture upright and a wide lumbar back support. Additionally, the backrest can recline up to 170 degrees for an easier and relaxing sitting experience, or when you want to take a nap. The nylon rollers can rotate at 360-degrees; adjustable armrests to relieve any fatigue; height adjustable to fit different users. What’s not to like about this one?

Design: If you thought its features were amazing, wait until you hear of the design. This one is constructed with a heavy-duty base and metal frame, and covered in a soft fabric that keeps you comfortable for long hours. What’s more is that it comes with a high-density foam seat cushion to distribute your weight evenly, plus it keeps its shape in the long run. It also comes in a leather material and in 7 different colors:

  • Grey
  • Blue
  • Dark Grey
  • Black
  • Off-white
  • Pink
  • Red

What we like:

  • Soft fabric upholstery is breathable
  • Affordable yet heavy-duty construction
  • Ergonomic design to ensure good posture
  • The high-density foam cushion relieves pressure
  • Removable headrest pillow and lumbar cushion
  • Installation only takes around 15-20 minutes
  • Modern design that comes in plenty of colors

What we don’t like:

  • Armrests are only height adjustable

Okeysen Gaming Chair

Another affordable yet comfortable fabric gaming chair is this Eclife Gaming that comes with some amazing features and a sturdy material that feels ultra comfortable. One thing the Eclife aims at is alleviating your pain or tension during hours of gaming.

Features: We have to talk about the cushioned footrest that’s complemented by a 150-degree recline feature, so you just pull it out and lean back. It also has a 20-degree rocking mode along with a tension control that keeps your back pain away. To elevate its features, the Eclife has a lumbar support that comes with a USB-powered massager, height-adjustable armrests, and external neck and lumbar pillows.

Design: Although fairly cheap, the chair is designed with an anti-heat buildup upholstery fabric that feels strong and doesn’t tear overtime. It’s padded thickly, plus the massage feature adds to that extra comfort. The tubular steel frame is a high-quality construction, with high density sponge that adds elasticity. You can get this with or without a footrest and it’s available in 4 different colors:

  • Grey
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Yellow

What we like:

  • Pull-out footrest to rest in between matches
  • Fabric upholstery is strong and durable
  • 150-degree recline feature
  • USB-powered massager that vibrates a little
  • Weight limit is 330 lbs
  • Different colors that match with your gaming room’s interior

What we don’t like:

  • The fabric might feel scratchy if you wear sleeveless shirts or shorts

CORSAIR T3 RUSH Gaming Chair

The Corsair T3 Rush is unlike other fabric gaming chairs. First, it uses a higher quality and lighter microfiber fabric that allows for more air ventilation and it retains less heat. In terms of ergonomic features, you can make use of adjustable features that prevent pain or pressure on your back.

Features: In order for a chair to be comfortable, it needs to have plenty of adjustments. The T3 Rush comes with fully adjustable armrests, adjustable seat height, and a deep reclining backrest that you can use you lean back. It also uses a lumbar pillow with a height-adjustable strap to fit right in your lumbar curve and it’s not stiff at all.

Design: If you want to sit on the comfiest and softest gaming chair, the T3 Rush has just that. It features a memory lumbar pillow that’s soft and memory foam which molds to the shape of your back for a better posture. Plus, the foam comes with a cooling gel feature that keeps your back cool. The microfiber fabric of this chair is durable and comfortable to sit on for long periods. This chair comes in three different styles: T3 Rush, Road Warrior, and Race. All of these styles come in up to 7 colors:

  • Charcoal
  • Black
  • Gray and White
  • Black and Red
  • Black and White
  • Black and Yellow
  • Gray and Charcoal

What we like:

  • The microfiber fabric is breathable
  • Lumbar pillow contours to the shape of your body
  • Fully adjustable armrests keep your arms supported
  • Deep recline feature for a customized support
  • Seat height adjustable
  • Different styles and colors to match your aesthetic

What we don’t like:

  • The design is very simple if you’re someone who prefers something more extra

AKRacing Core Series EX-Wide Gaming Chair

AKRacing is a huge competitor in the gaming chair market, especially to Secretlab. That’s because they provide a high-quality chair that fits tall and big since it has extra space and is well-built. And its 100% upholstered fabric is one of the main reasons we have included it in our list.

Features: Adjustability is always necessary. The AKRacing includes 3D adjustable armrests that allow you to rotate them up/down, forward/back, or left/right, so you’re parallel with the desk. It can also recline a full 180 degrees, so that you can lie and take a nap in between matches. The chair comes with adjustable lumbar support pillows for a more customized experience. It best suits tall people between 5’4’’ to 6’4’’.

Design: We have to talk about the fabric of this chair. The AKRacing is upholstered with polyester fabric to keep you cool at all times. Additionally, it has tiny air pockets that prevent heat buildup, so you stay sweat-free and comfortable. The frame is made of metal and an anti-corrosive coating for maximum durability, while the entire chair is padded with high-density cold-cured foam for extra comfort. Lastly, it comes in 8 different colors that match the interior of your gaming area, including:

  • Black
  • Black and Red
  • Black and Blue
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Indigo

What we like:

  • Made of high-quality upholstered fabric that’s soft and breathable
  • Designed for tall people and holds up to 290 lbs
  • The backrest reclines up to 180 degrees
  • Wide seat pat and spacious dimensions for moving around more easily
  • 3D armrests
  • Many colors to choose from

What we don’t like:

  • The foam is less dense than some other premium gaming chairs

NOUHAUS Velour Office/Gaming Chair

If you’re not into typical gaming chairs, the Nouhaus might be just what you’re looking for. Unlike other gaming chairs, this one has a more muted style, which is perfect for offices as well. At a $200 price range, the Nouhaus is considered to be a rival to some of the most high-end chairs.

Features: One of the best things about this chair is the padded fold away arms. Sometimes, you just want to get rid of your armrests, and in that case, this is the chair for you. The backrest has a 2-inch curve that provides an appearance of lumbar support and it tilts/rocks up to 135-degrees. Additionally, it comes with a pair of smooth-rolling caster wheels that are perfect for any hardwood floors.

Designed: Whenever you’re feeling hot, remember that the Nouhaous’ cut out on the backrest provides extra airflow. The sides of the chair are upholstered with a PU Leather and elasto mesh – a great combo. The backrest and the seat are paired of a micro velvet fabric and high density foam for a smooth and soft feel that leaves you feeling cool. It only comes in a grey color, but the details on the sides and under the armrests are enough to make a difference in your room.

What we like:

  • 135-degree synchro fingertip tilt/lock
  • Padded flip-up arms
  • The upholstered fabric is soft to the touch and less sweaty than PU leather chairs
  • Extremely sturdy and durable even after a long use
  • 135-degree tilt and lock
  • Rollerblade wheels for more mobility
  • Holds up to 240 lbs

What we don’t like:

  • Lacks a neck and lumbar pillow
  • The 135-degree tilt/lock feature might not be enough for some people

Arozzi VERNAZZA-SFB-ASH Computer Gaming/Office Chair

If you were to ask a gamer what’s their number one complaint about a chair, they would agree on stiffness. This is common with leather upholstery chairs, but the Arozzi Vernazza is totally the opposite. This chair has an ultra-breathable fabric and its features are very convenient as you’ll come to see for yourself.

Features: Most gaming chairs make you feel restricted because of their lack in adjustability. However, with this chair you’ll get an open seat pan that provides extra space to move around freely and a 22-inch seat width. Other adjustable features include lumbar support pillows and adjustable head rest to ensure you are sitting properly.

Design: The Arozzi Vernazzi has an ergonomic design to ensure you stay on your best form while gaming all day. First, the fabric upholstery is unlike other fabrics because this one is tested with ISO standards, so it’s super strong and resistant. It’s ultra-soft and it has a similar feeling to a sofa recliner. Further, it also uses 100% cold-cured molded foam that’s used to distribute your weight evenly. It comes in ash, blue, light grey and dark grey colors.

What we like:

  • The fabric has been tested with ISO standards
  • 3D armrests for a more comfortable position
  • Wide lumbar pillow and height-adjustable neck pillow for maximum support
  • The fabric is soft and cozy, but breathable
  • Weight limit is 320 lbs
  • Comes in a variety of colors

What we don’t like:

  • Some people might like an integrated lumbar support better, though this is personal preference

Dowinx Gaming Chair Breathable Fabric Office Chair

Yes, the back and neck matter, but feet or leg posture is often overlooked when it comes to gaming chairs. A chair with a footrest is the perfect solution for that, like this Dowinx Gaming Chair. Not only that, but this one also comes with plenty other adjustable features that come in handy during a gaming session.

Features: As we said, having a footrest is crucial if you want to take a break and relax a little. Apart from this, you can also choose to recline back up to 170-degrees and rotate 360-degrees with the help of the nylon casters. Because of its sturdy heavy-duty base, the chair can support up to 330 lbs, so it’s ideal for heavy users. The removable lumbar pillow has a massage feature which is perfect during an intense match.

Design: The Downix is one of the most comfortable gaming chairs out there, period. It includes a high-density sponge and a spring system that works to alleviate tension and pressure. If the chair didn’t have such a good seat cushion, it would cause pressure points and lots of pain. On the other hand, it’s made of a fabric that allows much more airflow than other PU leather chairs. The sponge also improves comfort and your posture, so it fits your spine perfectly. It comes in 3 different modern colors that look so sleek: blue, black, and grey.

What we like:

  • High-density sponge cushion relieves pressure under the thighs and hips
  • The breathable and soft fabric keeps you cool and comfortable
  • Includes a retractable footrest
  • It comes with a lumbar pillow and headrest to keep your posture upright
  • The backrest includes 3 tilt-lock functions
  • The chair feels and looks ultra contemporary
  • 170-degrees tilt-lock function

What we don’t like:

  • The chair may feel stiff after a few hours

Arozzi Forte-FB-RED Computer Gaming/Office Chair

For all you short gamers out there, we have found the perfect gaming chair for you. This Arozzi Forte has a compact design that’s perfect for smaller individuals. It also comes with a wide range of adjustable features to ensure a customized comfort.

Features: First, the chair has four-lockable positions for you to choose the best recline position that fits your posture and height. It also reclines up to 165-degrees, which is always useful for relaxing and alleviating any back pain. The Arozzi is equipped with two soft adjustable pillows to further support your neck and head, and adjustable padded armrests.

Design: This chair has quite the foam cushion. The thick cushion has a density which is higher than some other gaming chairs, plus it relieves pressure and doesn’t change its shape for a long time. Overall, the chair has an ergonomic design, with padded armrests that give your elbows extra support and comfort. The black and red style is the perfect color combo for any gaming room and it looks ultra modern.

What we like:

  • The backrest rocks back and forth up to 12-degrees
  • The fabric is both soft and breathable
  • 165-degree recline function
  • Pretty affordable gaming chair
  • Includes a lumbar pillow and a headrest pillow

What we don’t like:

  • Armrests are only height adjustable